Piraeus Tower 2010: Changing the face_facades reformation






Piraeus Tower has an exceptional place in the city. Given its size and position towards the city and the port, a manifold and multidimensional approach is required. We create a metallic outer shell that runs around the existing structure and a network of vertical, horizontal and diagonal axes of architectural promenades. The visitor enjoys an infinite choice of movements and of alternating views to the exterior and to the interior of the building. The scale, position and form of this structure constitute the main characteristics of the entire composition.The “intermediate space” between the existing building and the outer shell is animated by the construction of oblong semi-outdoor spaces. These “cultural zones” unify the core of the structure to the outdoor movement of the shell and host various cultural events and temporary or permanent exhibitions. The inner structure of the building reveals its operational mechanism, while its complexity resembles zoomorphic figures. The structure is constructed of semi-transparent glass. The material’s semi-transparency creates a unified composition. The enclosing metal structure sets up a network of promenades, stops, seating areas, observatories and viewpoints. The horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements of the visitors animate the building’s shell by invigorating the project.

As the visitor is walking around the building has the potential to have a continuous view to the exterior through fissures and holes on the glass and on the outer structure. The building’s figure is changing depending the time of the day, the weather conditions, the colour of the sky, the waving of the sea. The shadows created by the strollers on the multiple movement levels of the enclosing semi-transparent space add a vivid and dramatic effect. During night, the building becomes a light-source, a “lantern building”. The semi-tranparency of its outer skin is producing a notional structure that expands the spatial experience. The building is being transformed into a cloud and it is traveling in the city’s sky. It reflects the sea and it becomes one with it.