The designing of the project was based mainly on its educational and social character. The building will be constructed to function as a nursery school and as a childcare facility and at the same time will include a multi-functional hall with the ability to host events addressed mainly to the residents of the city of Aghios Stefanos. Thus the building will constitute part of the city and its urban landscape by functioning as a new gathering point for its visitors.

Our main goal was to emphasize the childlike and playful character of the project. Based on the classic children’s toy of learning the different shapes by removing and adding them to a central cube, we create a clear rectangular volume and then we start subtracting bits and pieces in order to form the final shape of our building. The combination of the several folding surfaces that enclose all the areas described by the requirements of the Βuilding Program and the dynamic designing of the facades add to the vibrant and dramatic final result.

The building’s functions are organised in a way as to facilitate its employees and to be able to work separately and as a unit. The ground floor, where the visitor can find the main entrance and the information point, is characterised by penetrability in order to permit the surrounding environment of the project to flow into the interior. We do not create a strict border to the surrounding environment. The ground floor level blends in with its urban landscape by creating two different school playgrounds and the main entrance area.

The materials that we have used are massive surfaces of glass that are protected by shades in order to create a steady temperature level and a pleasant working environment in combination with blind surfaces that are covered with a layer of deck wood. In that way, we emphasize the penetrability of the building, its integration into the environment and its character as a new point that would invite visitors from all the nearby neighbourhoods.