Sacristy and Vestry of Agathonos Monastery

Cultural Centre



A few kilometres far from the village of Ypati in the Fthiotida Region, at the slope of mount Oiti, is located a Monastery that owes its name to its founder, the monk Agathona. The year of its foundation is traced around the 15th century according to its morphological elements. During the last half of the century, the Monastery reached its prime and for several years it gave a shelter to an Agricultural school.

The Holy Place of Agathonos’ Monastery is a crossed temple with a dome that is surrounded by a well-preserved stonework. Several wall paintings that were created in three different time-periods (16th century, 18th and end of 20th century) are being preserved in its interior along with the Monastery’s possessions of pictures, reliquaries, vestments and books from the 15th century. The today’s project involves the creation of a museum and of a guests’ room and are both orientated to the Holy Temple of Virgin Mary, which constitutes the central part of the Monastery. The main access to the building is from the North-Western side that is also the entry to the Monastery. An additional entry is located in the internal courtyard of the Monastery. The exhibition area is divided into two uninterrupted spaces. Through the reception we can also visit the Library of the Museum that is located in the South-East side and it can easily be isolated from the public.