Public buildings hold a pretty strong place in a society. Their form and function derive both from the structured environment that surrounds them and the people that use them. Our goal was to create a contemporary Public Building aesthetical pleasing, functional, environmental friendly and sustainable that will outcome its strictly office-use and will give a new identity to the wider area where it is being constructed.

The whole designing of the synthesis is based on the two crosscutting axes that create the basic form of the building that is being divided into five different volumes. These five wings house all the services of the Ministry of Transportation and all the areas that are addressed mainly to the public, like museums, amphitheaters and restaurants. The wings function as a whole and at the same time can function as five separate buildings. In the centre of the synthesis we create an “atrium-plaza” that works as a public gathering point and as a place where several leisure and cultural activities can take place.

The basic characteristic of the project is the building’s rooftop that is shaped to work as an Urban Garden. The rich plantation creates a very inviting environment for the public and it works as an extension of the ground floor’s plantation and as the main connection between the building and nature. The landscape is being used as a main component in the creating procedure. It gives birth to the building, as well as, it creates a shelter for it. The building’s volumes emerge from its surroundings and nature is a main factor in composing the synthesis. In that way the project acquires its own and unique identity and it is being incorporated to the landscape by constituting an entity.

Furthermore, two wooden elongated pillars that are placed on the ground floor and reach the rooftop work as the connecting links of the ground floor’s plantation to the roof garden’s urban garden. Thus we create a rooftop that can host several activities for the public. Our project works as a landmark for the wider area and as a new gathering point for its visitors. It is a Public Building that addresses to the citizen and holds an important role for the society.