Our main concern about the project was to create a functional building that can accommodate all the operations included in the program. At the same time, the aim was to create a building that will work as a new reference point for the citizens of Thessaloniki and will attract visitors from around the country. We aim to design a Public Building that will contain all the principles that characterise a public space, a space that derives from its surroundings and is directly connected to its users.

The main design axis is the diagonal line that divides the building into two parts and connects the project to the most important surrounding points. This diagonal line creates the two main building units that each one contains separate functions that are connected by several circulation cores in a way that they can operate separately as well as a unit.

Through a process of extruding parts of the main building mass, we create an extrovert project where the outside penetrates into the inside areas in a way that seems like the building emerges from its surroundings. The landscape is being used as a main component in the creating procedure. It gives birth to the building and it can accommodate various cultural events and outdoor activities. The designing of the building’s environment is being extended onto the roof garden and includes an extra gathering point for the project’s visitors.

The two units of the building consist of three levels. The first unit on the ground floor contains the kindergarten and the nursery school, on the first floor the guest rooms, on the second floor the fitness centre and on the roof garden level, there is a cafe-bar and an overall structure that can be accessible by all the visitors. Τhe second unit on the ground floor contains a multi-purpose and exhibition area and a cafe that can function for both this area and the outdoor space of the project. On this level, the visitor can locate a Customer’s Service Department as well. On the first floor are located offices and a memorial museum. On the second floor are located a health clinic and accommodation for the elderly and on the third floor, the visitor can locate the Library with all its services.

The building is following the main sustainable design strategies in order to respond to the modern standards of operation.

Overall we create a building that is defined by the character of its surroundings, the completion of the needs of the citizens of Thessaloniki and by its character as a Public Building that gives it its unique identity.