Achinos Elementary School






The project is located in a rural region in the outskirts of the city of Lamia which is located in central Greece. It is an Elementary School that combines modern designing with traditional features, techniques and materials.

The main challenge of the whole designing process was the significantly inclined landscape. Our main goal was to create a building that does not interrupt its surrounding environment. The main designing axes follow the plot’s shape and expand to its outline based on its orientation. At the same time in the centre of the synthesis, we create a central atrium in order to keep the flow from the outer towards the inner parts of the building. This movement is what creates the main connection between our project and its landscape and generates the building’s main meeting point that is used as a schoolyard. The formation of the project’s basic volumes is what gives a welcoming effect as it resembles a “hug” that greets its users.

The project is developed in two levels. The ground floor includes the main entrance, a multi-purpose hall that can be used for various events, the administration offices, as well as the school’s cafeteria. On the first floor, the student can find all the teaching facilities, the classrooms, the laboratories and the workshop areas.

A crucial point was the choice of the materials and of the decorative characteristics that would give the project its unique identity. The roof tiles, the rock that covers parts of the main facades and the choice of the colours, add to the creation of a pleasant environment and create the connection between the modern and the traditional. As we have mentioned before the project is located in a rural location near a small village. Therefore, we respect the features of a building created in an area away from the big city by exploiting the offered materials. The colours that are used on the main facades are grades of green and yellow that blend in with the greek scenery with the olive trees and the pine trees and the Mediterranean landscape. By choosing these vibrant and playful colours we create an inviting place that can work as an inspiration for the children and their teachers.

The final result is a building that blends in with the environment, satisfies the school’s main requirements and it creates a proper environment for the children.