Tourist Accommodation Prototype





Assistant Architects: Ioannou Archonti, Mparou Lida

Santorini’s volcano is one of the most famous active volcanoes in the Mediterranean Sea. Its most known eruption is approximately dating back to 1600 B.C. and was the one that led the island to its current form. Huge volumes of magma were poured from the crater, which is now known as “Nea Kammeni”, creating hot and illuminated paths of lava.
This is the image that we tried to reproduce in our proposal.

In order to make the place accessible we placed our project next to the already existing pier and we created a small underground passage. All the functions are developed in two basic key areas. The first area, which is constructed in the underground, includes the reception hall, the indoor and outdoor bathing area and the apartments. The second one is created under the sea and incorporates the conference hall, the wellness and SPA centre, the restaurant, the café, the shopping area, as well as the volcano’s history museum which is situated along the entire undersea route. The whole project was not based on adding elements into the already existing landscape, but to subtract components in order to result to a project with an assimilating character to the previous surroundings of the island and simultaneously to create a sustainable structure. Taking advantage of the island’s enormous reserves of geothermal energy (as the temperature reaches the 87 °C) we can achieve up to 100% self-sufficiency in electricity. Furthermore, using the stable temperature of the water (which is in 21°C) we gain better cooling energy.